Monday, January 23, 2012

New Adventures

Well my first ever post. Hopefully its an OK one :) 

Well we all go through different new beginnings throughout of lives. Im currently going through a whole new adventure, being recently seperated my whole life has changed and def not been the easiet either. I thought i could stay in my house like most people can but it has caught up with me. Ive decided to sell and move back home to my Mums possible a big mistake but one cannot tell until further down that track.

How do people do it ??? Raise a child on a single income and still manage to survive. Its hard to understand as i have been told i earn to much to get help but then when doing the maths you dont get a lot if you dont work. Its hard going to work everyday dropping Zac off at daycare before 7am and knowing that the girls there see him more then i do. They get to see and notice all his little milestones. Saying that i love the girls at his Daycare and wouldnt change them for the world. They love and adore him as he does them.

Motherhood is defintely an adventure by itself as my lovely friend at Jagger Files is beginning her journey and wondering the same things all mothers do, it makes me think do we ever stop wondering if our choices are the right ones?


  1. Hi! And welcome to blogging! Don't be scared, just write from the heart. My goodness, things must be tough right now. Looking forward to reading more, I hope you enjoy the writing xx

  2. Good luck on your journey - both through blogging and as a single mum. Take a deep breath and believe in yourself. Thank goodness for family and friends xx Fi